My work as one of the children’s aunties is a rewarding one where I have one-on-one relationship with children because they come to me when they are missing home, their parents; and if they have problems I nurture them to become independent, confident and self-assured to social life.

My day starts early at 5:30am with morning devotions, thereafter I ensure that children do their regular duties like laying beds, brushing teeth, among other activities. In our work at school we prioritize sanitation, smartness, personal hygiene and praising smartest children in order to inspire others as well.

When I was appointed as a matron (auntie), I thought that I would not manage the responsibilities because l was worried and depressed after the death of my child, but children showed me love, filled the gap and I felt relieved.

My life has changed and I feel happy to work with children because I realised they miss a mother figure to nurture and show them love. Due to good parenthood and relationship rendered to them, they started calling me “mummy” and this has helped me to understand their traits and stories, the Likes and Dislikes, feelings and the restoration process to be adhered to by playing, cracking jokes, comedy, physical exercises, games, smiling and laughing with them.

When children make mistakes l correct and guide them accordingly through peace talks, working together, storytelling and sharing how they spent the day.

As a leader, l support the children for example during their annual camp this year, we ironed clothes together and I felt tears of joy when children ran calling Mummy…Mummy… we have won medals and we want you to be the first person to wear them.” I asked myself, “why me?” because it was my first time to put on a medal!

I pray to continue to be a good mother to children and make lovely memories with them.

Compiled by:  Jamirah, Support Staff-Wells of Hope Junior School