Mourning To Joy

My work as one of the children’s aunties is a rewarding one where I have one-on-one relationship with children because they come to me when they are missing home, their parents; and if they have problems I nurture them to become independent, confident and self-assured to social life.

My day starts early at 5:30am with morning devotions, thereafter I ensure that children do their regular duties like laying beds, brushing teeth, among other activities. In our work at school we prioritize sanitation, smartness, personal hygiene and praising smartest children in order to inspire others as well.

When I was appointed as a matron (auntie), I thought that I would not manage the responsibilities because l was worried and depressed after the death of my child, but children showed me love, filled the gap and I felt relieved.

My life has changed and I feel happy to work with children because I realised they miss a mother figure to nurture and show them love. Due to good parenthood and relationship rendered to them, they started calling me “mummy” and this has helped me to understand their traits and stories, the Likes and Dislikes, feelings and the restoration process to be adhered to by playing, cracking jokes, comedy, physical exercises, games, smiling and laughing with them.

When children make mistakes l correct and guide them accordingly through peace talks, working together, storytelling and sharing how they spent the day.

As a leader, l support the children for example during their annual camp this year, we ironed clothes together and I felt tears of joy when children ran calling Mummy…Mummy… we have won medals and we want you to be the first person to wear them.” I asked myself, “why me?” because it was my first time to put on a medal!

I pray to continue to be a good mother to children and make lovely memories with them.

Compiled by:  Jamirah, Support Staff-Wells of Hope Junior School


Driven By Love

My name is Kayogera Erimia. I serve at Wells of Hope as the Head Teacher of Hope High School Semuto based in Nakaseke District Semuto Town Council. My responsibilities include coordinating the administrative responsibilities of the school with the Ministry of Education and sports, Wells of Hope Ministries, and Community.

I attend to the daily academic and psychosocial needs of my students; children with imprisoned parents and children from the community. Together with a very committed team, we strive to ensure that children attain quality education that will enable them to have independent living and benefit the country as well. We do our best to see that the students are happy without stress and perform well academically. I am passionate about my profession and love children. Students are part of my life and I enjoy staying with them.

As a head and a teacher, I am motivated and inspired to serve Hope High School Semuto to meet our vision of “empowering and educating children to stand, become different and make a difference in their generation.” Hope High School Semuto equips learners with knowledge, skills, and values, nurturing children into self-reliant citizens, respected members of society and God-fearing children.

My prayer is that Hope High School Semuto can have increased access to resources to support more numbers of vulnerable students whose parents have been affected by criminal justice and injustices in the courts of law as well as those from the community.

By Erimia Kayogera

Head Teacher – Hope High School Semuto


A Dream Come True

It is a special moment to brush a way the stress of years of hard work as we celebrate 20 years
serving and first degree at Wells of Hope Ministries.

This is a big opportunity to share about the journey of Doreen because life was hard for her a
midst the effects of COVID 19 but she kept on striving to reach her goal.
As teenager girl at university she faced many challenges of; bullying, depression, low self-
esteem, peer pressure, dating, education, friendships, appearance, financial constraints, effects
of COVID 19 but this didn’t stop her from working hard towards her victory.
In her speech, she appreciated the organisation and her sponsors for the love, care and
supported rendered towards her journey of education and also encouraged her fellows to stay in
school, respect elders and be patient to reach their goals.
I recommend Doreen as a strong young girl because a midst all the challenges experienced,
she overcame to achieve her dream and graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration;
Accounting and Finance second class Upper.

Congratulations Doreen Nakiria your perseverance is an inspiration to everyone.

Compiled by: Gloria Nakangu, Psychosocial Support Officer


A Ray Of Hope

It was a relatively long bodaboda ride to a village called Lumpewe in  Nakaseke district. I disembarked from the motorcycle at a trading center and gave my contact person a call. She pointed me in the general direction I was to walk; we would meet halfway. 

A few minutes into my walk I notice a woman, clad in a gomesi with a vibrant step in her walk moving hastily towards me some meters away. I got the feeling she was the one I had come to see. I was right. 

We smiled at each other, exchanged pleasantries, and walked back to her house. 

Enfrance lives in a humble two-roomed house with three grandchildren. She doesn’t have a source of income and the crops she grows are mainly for home consumption. Her son, who had been quite a support to her, was imprisoned about 6 years ago after he got into a fight that turned ugly quickly. This didn’t result in dire consequences for just him but for all that is connected to him including his young daughter. 

Enfrance’s granddaughter is a shy but sweet-looking girl. Something about her drew me in almost instantly. I don’t know whether it was the half-somber gaze in her eyes or the seemingly expectant look she had. All the while I was there; she sat close to her grandmother often whispering into her ear. I figured they have a good relationship.  

As my time there drew to an end my ear caught something that has rung therein to this moment. It was the little girl’s voice whispering to her grandmother, “Jajja, I had really hoped they were taking me with them today.”  My heart melted. The hope and desire in her heart to take this opportunity; to have an opportunity to go to a good school, the opportunity to make new friends, the opportunity to be a part of something different from what she knew now. 

It made me think how we probably never realize just how much the little things we do mean the world to someone else. I am humbled to be a part of a mission that restores the hope of children like Efrance’s granddaughter. I am grateful to God for every individual that takes a moment to give to this ministry in any way because it’s through this joint effort that this little girl and so many more like her will have their dreams come true. 

That ringing in my ear will stop soon because Enfrance’s granddaughter will be joining Wells of Hope Junior School this week. Thank you all for making this possible. God bless you. 

By Cordelia Besigiroha

Programs Officer


Bringing  Hope To Inmates Through The Word Of God 

On 4th May, Apostle Kafeero Sunday-Prison Volunteer and I started our journey to Upper prison Luzira prison at 7:30am however, we delayed a bit on the way because of heavy traffic. It was my first time to go to visit our brothers in prison and I was eagerly waiting to meet them. We reached Luzira at 9:11am, went through the check-in and by 10:00am we were inside the church at Upper prison. The officers and the inmates gave us a warm welcome; they were delighted to see us and the church leaders introduced us to the congregation who were anxious to listen to what we had to share with them. To my surprise, the inmates have more committed church leaders and members than some of our churches outside prison. We began with the sharing, Apostle Kafeero shared from the book of Jeremiah 24:1-9 and I shared from 2corinthians 4:16 .

Thereafter, we prayed with them then we proceeded to condemn section where we were welcomed. We shared with the inmates and prayed with them. As we were interacting with the inmates, they told us that they were told that one of their friends who was released, went back into witchcraft which wasn’t true meaning whenever we take long without reaching out to them, they end up with false information. I also realized that these brothers really miss their families and would really love to take care of them or carry on their responsibilities if, at all they had a chance, I noticed this when we were leaving; they asked us about how their children are doing. Some of them wrote letters to their children. Let’s continue praying for them as they thrive through this situation. The officer who escorted us also appreciated the organisation for the reaching out to the inmates especially during this time. He said that now after the inmates have received the word of God they will take some time, about two weeks without misbehaving in prison. Both sections appreciated Wells of Hope for standing with them through the gifts (supplements), praying for them, and taking care of their children and families.

Compiled by: Erick Shepherd Nsubuga, Spiritual Enhancement Leader 


Connecting with the children and foster families keeps me motivated and engaged with my day to day work

My name is Beatrice Nalutaaya, a Social Worker at Wells of Hope Ministries Family Based Care Project. I coordinate and support the day-to-day needs of children in Foster Care and those in need of Foster Care and their families (those under Reunification). “I have always been known as someone who has always wanted to work with children and families and see the Child Welfare system be transformed for children with a Parent in Prison.”

Connecting with the children and Foster families that I work with that serves and provides Foster Children with the opportunities, skills, and resources they need to thrive keeps me motivated and engaged with my day to day work.

I enjoy parent-child visits since they are so important to the children, I always look forward to them each time foster parents want to bond with the foster children.

“Parent-child visits is a unique experience in the bonding process as children meet up with the foster parents as this helps in strengthening the attachment between the Foster parents, the foster children themselves and the also the other members of the family in the foster home. To me I see it as one of my unique experiences seeing these children start getting to know each other for the first time, create an impression for the rest of their stay and the relationship that has been created.”


A Smile To Remember

On Good Friday eve 2022, early in the morning, different staff members of Wells of Hope
Ministries (WOHM) set off from Kampala to Wells of Hope Junior School to go and be part of
the long awaited day, “Easter in Prison”. Personally I was excited and eager to experience what it
is like to be part of Easter in Prison this being my first time. Not so long after we (the staff) had
arrived, our friends from Power FM who partnered with us to put together this beautiful day also
arrived. The children making lines towards the school gate, dancing and singing warmly received
them. It was wonderful to witness the smiles on the children’s faces to see these happy people
coming to celebrate Easter with them. I too couldn’t help but join in the dancing and celebration
since our awaited day had finally come to life.

When everyone had settled in, it was time for introductions and this helped us better understand
who each of our guests were and thereby help us better interact and share with them through the
day. After this point the children were divided into groups the boys, girls and the very little ones.
I personally remained with the latter and also the other staff members where allotted to join the
different groups and interact with the children. In our group with the little ones was a blast, the
team from Power FM made it so lively and engaging, it was full of laughter since several games
were played to test the knowledge of children about their bodies, their speed in answering simple
questions and they were also helped to better understand the meaning of Easter. Group
discussions were followed by sports activities and this was beautiful to witness, the students
competing with the staff and the guests. After this lunch was served and yes this is the best part
of the day and the children got to munch on the amazing food that was served accompanied by a
soda and yes they enjoyed it.

As the serving was going on, there came a heavy down pour but this too could not stop the joy
filled day from continuing. We later on had the guest artists sing and entertain the children, these
danced and sang that the staff couldn’t hold themselves back from joining in. This session was
followed by cake cutting, it was such a lovely cake and all the children got to share of it since I
was the one slicing it up.
The day was concluded so well with the children receiving many wonderful gifts that the Power
FM team had carried for them and these included mattresses, shoes, clothes, soda, bags,
mosquito nets among others. I was so happy and felt a certain fulfillment in my heart seeing
smiles covering the faces of the children throughout the day, it was a day beautifully spent.
Special thanks go out to Power FM; the staff, the listeners and Watoto church at large for
ensuring that this day comes to life.

Compiled by : Evelyn Nalule : Finance Assistant / Administrator


Celebrating Christmas With Formerly Incarcerated Women

The women sharing a photo with their Christmas gifts

Christmas came early for the Formerly Incarcerated Women our care. The women met at the Half way home to celebrate Christmas and they had an opportunity to share a lovely meal, cake, exchange Christmas gifts and also officially welcome the new residents from prison. It was a joyful moment as they sang Christmas carols that they learnt from prison and were delighted that now they could sing them outside of prison.