Wells of Hope Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization. We are involved in outreach to people affected by crime and our key concern being Children of Prisoners. We also reach out to families of prisoners and prisoners in General.

We are commissioned  to respond to deeper needs of our society today by being agents of change and we help our beneficiaries to experience a transformation in their lives regardless of a person’s religion, gender or ethnicity.

We reach out to children of Prisoners with parents on Death-row,those with a parents living with HIV/AIDS and/or parents serving long term sentences.We provide them with free quality education and general welfare , and also help visit their parents in prison.

Families of prisoners live in Deplorable situations , because the breadwinner has been put in prison, Parental imprisonment causes many problems for the family left behind. Your support can turn the tide for families of prisoners.

Everyday Prisoners in Uganda living with HIV/AIDS are dying from opportunistic infections and lack of care .Providing them with nutritional care and support is required to their save lives. Read More


The most powerful and meaningful gift one can give during this season is to be able to change someone’s life.

We are excited we have been able to cover 67.8% of our annual budget. We are praying that together we shall be able to cover the 32.2% by end of December. We ask each one of you to prayerfully consider: making a donation or  taking 1 percent of the total figure ($31,930.52) and as a church, group or fellowship take on a project! Another way to support this campaign is to share this link with your friends and family and ask them to make a donation. Read more