Wells of Hope Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization. We are involved in outreach to people affected by crime and our key concern being Children of Prisoners. We also reach out to families of prisoners and prisoners in General.

We are commissioned  to respond to deeper needs of our society today by being agents of change and we help our beneficiaries to experience a transformation in their lives regardless of a person’s religion,gender,or ethnicity.

We reach out to children of Prisoners with parents on Death-row,those with a parents living with HIV/AIDS and/or parents serving long term sentences.We provide them with free quality education and general welfare , and also help visit their parents in prison.

Families of prisoners live in Deplorable situations , because the breadwinner has been put in prison, Parental imprisonment causes many problems for the family left behind. Your support can turn the tide for families of prisoners.

Everyday Prisoners in Uganda living with HIV/AIDS are dying from opportunistic infections and lack of care .Providing them with nutritional care and support is required to their save lives. Read More

Wells of Hope Updates:

104.1 Power FM Gives Children With A Parent In Prison A Reason To Smile At Easter

Children with a parent in prison under Wells of Hope care had an awesome Easter celebration with 104.1 Power FM on 29th March 2018. The visitors shared about the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection; and encouraged the children not to give up on their dreams, but instead trust God for a great future.

Among the gifts the visitors gave was an Easter cake which was cut by the children, Wells of Hope staff and the visitors.The children and Wells of Hope staff were left in astonishment; they were amazed at trucks of donations entering the school premises.

We thank and the entire Love Family for their continued support for the children; thank you for your love and generosity towards children with a parent in prison.


Uganda Reentry Guide Project:

We are glad to report that Rebecca Ginsburg, our partner from the University of Illinois USA conducted a successful feasibility study on a prospective research about Uganda Reentry Guide; the research was held from 19th to 23rd 2018. It was a very interactive and educative week. Rebecca was part of the formation of the Advisory Committee (AC). In addition to that, she interacted with people in prison and formerly incarcerated individuals; where they addressed their needs, hopes and concerns.

​One of the highlights of the visit was the openness of the people in prison as they shared their needs, hopes and concerns about the guide. For example they hope that the guide shall help others to better accept formerly incarcerated individuals; and one of their concerns was funding sources and administrative structure.

Academic Achievement and Goal Setting – Counseling At Wells Of Hope High School

On 27th February 2018, the students at Wells of Hope High School were engaged in a counseling session. It was led by Patricia Musiimenta, Wells of Hope Assistant Projects Coordinator; Joseph Faray, a volunteer in Counseling; and Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Executive Director. The topic of the counseling session was “Academic Achievement and Goal Setting”. Patricia urged the students to have goals and dreams so that they can focus on what they wanted without studying aimlessly. She encouraged the students to have passion for whatever they are doing. Joseph shared about the advantages of setting goals, how to set goals that can be easily achieved and why some goals are not achieved. He encouraged the students to set goals that are clear and can be achieved; and to focus and stay determined.Ellen Eva Ssuubi encouraged the students to put into action what had been talked about.


Capacity Building At Wells Of Hope