Wells of Hope Ministries reaches out to prisons within Uganda with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2002, we have witnessed many prisoners receiving Christ as their Lord and savior.
With the help of a team of volunteers, we reach out to prisoners in 5 prisons that is, Condemn Upper Prisons Luzira –Condemned/Death-row Section, Upper Prison Luzira – Boma/General Prison for Capital Offenders and Women Prison Luzira, Kigo Prison and Kasangati Prison.

Festivals and Bible Studies

With support from friends, the organisation conducts festivals for inmates.

Easter In Prison
Every Easter, Watoto Church’s radio station 104.1 Power FM visits Luzira prison and shares the Easter spirit with prison inmates through a gospel concert and gifts like food, clothes and assortments.

Wells of Hope has since 2008 been partnering with Power FM, by helping to process permissions and also working on the experience and good will Wells of Hope has in the prison, Wells of Hope has helped to coordinate and guide to ensure a successful Power FM Easter in Prison event.

Baptism In Prison
Inmates who have been preached to and accepted Jesus Christ are baptized.

Bible Studies And Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH)

We meet with Prisoners and we study the Bible through the friendly scripture focused method of evangelism. Apart from distributing Bibles, we strategically deliver the word of God through audio; offering the bible in a format that inmates can easily understand and it reaches both literate and illiterate inmates.


  • To give hope and opportunity for transformation of inmates and encourage them to give their lives to God.
  • To ensure that believers in the prison become disciples of the church, are strengthened and encourage new converts to come to Christ.
  • To train prisoners to lead non-believers to have faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • To teach prisoners the word of God so as to transform them and win them to Jesus Christ.