JAJJA LOVE  Campaign is grand mother to grand mother campaign initiated by Wells of Hope Ministries . Jajja simply means “Grandmother” in Luganda, but like “Nanny”.

The goals are:

  • To connect grandmothers in the USA or Europe  with Grandmothers in Africa who are looking after children with imprisoned fathers or mothers
  • To create awareness and raise support for grand mothers who are looking after  children with parents in prison.
  1. Jajja Love Champions can adopt grandmothers in Uganda , and pray for them and encourage them through letters and/or videos. Profiles are available for Grand mothers to choose. Send email to jajja@wellsofhope.net
  2. The Jajja Love champions can become pen pal friends with the grand mothers in Wells of Hope programs. Grandmothers in the US can write letters to the grand mothers in Africa.  Most grandmothers in Africa cannot read or write, so we will translate the letters and We help The Ugandan Jajjas  do videos which we can send but with sub titles/caption translations in English.
  3. Jajja Love Group  can meet  when they able, to talk about Issues that affect the role of the grand mother in looking after children with imprisoned parents . This is optional
  4. Jajja Love Group can be advocates or activists in their area to highlight  the challenges faced by grand mothers who care for children with incarcerated parents. This is optional
  5. The Jajja Love  Champion  coordinates or facilitates The Jajja Love Dinner ,possibly once a year,  which is an opportunity to come together with your  friends , family members , church and/or  your favorite social group for a fun night of food and reflection on  the challenges of grand mothers who care for children with incarcerated parents. During the dinner, you can watch videos from Wells of Hope and also learn about updates of what is going in regard to grand mothers looking after children with incarcerated parents. This is optional but is highly recommended!
  6. You can  host a Jajja Love fundraising events or activities. This will help raise  awareness and funds to benefit Wells  of Hope projects that help grand mothers and their children who have a parent in prison. This is optional but would be life changing!
  7. Jajja Love Market: Another idea is to find volunteers who can host a Market of the handcrafted jewelry, purses and other unique gift items made by these grand mothers in Uganda or elsewhere. Everything needed to display the items for sale would be sent to you in a box. 100% of the proceeds go to helping grand mothers looking after children with incarcerated parents. This is optional but can change lives!
  8. Jajja Love Box: Your Jajja Love Group could put together in a box letters to grand mothers which could also include, or any gifts that can be sent to Wells of Hope either by mail or through a volunteer travelling from the US to Uganda or any mission Wells of Hope field. This is optional but recommended!
  9. Jajja Love Champions can sponsor a child or ask someone if they can sponsor a grand mother or a child with an imprisoned parent. This is optional but  would be a life changing idea.

Please note, it’s not a must to carry out all these suggested activities, Feel free to come up with other  ideas you feel you can do , consult Wells of Hope . To get involved or for more information send email jajja@wellsofhope.net