My name is Kayogera Erimia. I serve at Wells of Hope as the Head Teacher of Hope High School Semuto based in Nakaseke District Semuto Town Council. My responsibilities include coordinating the administrative responsibilities of the school with the Ministry of Education and sports, Wells of Hope Ministries, and Community.

I attend to the daily academic and psychosocial needs of my students; children with imprisoned parents and children from the community. Together with a very committed team, we strive to ensure that children attain quality education that will enable them to have independent living and benefit the country as well. We do our best to see that the students are happy without stress and perform well academically. I am passionate about my profession and love children. Students are part of my life and I enjoy staying with them.

As a head and a teacher, I am motivated and inspired to serve Hope High School Semuto to meet our vision of “empowering and educating children to stand, become different and make a difference in their generation.” Hope High School Semuto equips learners with knowledge, skills, and values, nurturing children into self-reliant citizens, respected members of society and God-fearing children.

My prayer is that Hope High School Semuto can have increased access to resources to support more numbers of vulnerable students whose parents have been affected by criminal justice and injustices in the courts of law as well as those from the community.

By Erimia Kayogera

Head Teacher – Hope High School Semuto