It is a special moment to brush a way the stress of years of hard work as we celebrate 20 years
serving and first degree at Wells of Hope Ministries.

This is a big opportunity to share about the journey of Doreen because life was hard for her a
midst the effects of COVID 19 but she kept on striving to reach her goal.
As teenager girl at university she faced many challenges of; bullying, depression, low self-
esteem, peer pressure, dating, education, friendships, appearance, financial constraints, effects
of COVID 19 but this didn’t stop her from working hard towards her victory.
In her speech, she appreciated the organisation and her sponsors for the love, care and
supported rendered towards her journey of education and also encouraged her fellows to stay in
school, respect elders and be patient to reach their goals.
I recommend Doreen as a strong young girl because a midst all the challenges experienced,
she overcame to achieve her dream and graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration;
Accounting and Finance second class Upper.

Congratulations Doreen Nakiria your perseverance is an inspiration to everyone.

Compiled by: Gloria Nakangu, Psychosocial Support Officer