The Global Center for Children with Incarcerated Parents
Educational and Research institute on children with incarcerated parents

Course Name:  Interventions for Children with Imprisoned Parents
Children of with imprisoned parents in many countries are not taken into account by the criminal justice system and there are no social services or support structures set up by government to help these children and there are very few and in most countries no civil organizations existing to help these children, and as such these children are left vulnerable to a wide range of dangerous risks and end up paying heavily for their parents imprisonment. A few organizations that exist struggle and lack skills and knowledge about these children and how to help them effectively. Also there are people who care who wish to help but lack knowledge and skills. Most people in governments’ world over don’t even know the existence of these children or if they know, they don’t know how to effectively help them.
As such there is an urgent need for studies on these children and development and professionalization of practices and of interventions to help these children.
GOALS FOR the course:

  • To equip course participants with practical skills and knowledge for effective interventions to help children affected by parental imprisonment so that they can either cope or even to save them from any repercussions that may come as a result of a family member going to prison.
  • To help the participants regardless of their background to be able to integrate and supplement their professions with knowledge and skills in handling children with incarcerated parents.
  • To educate, inform and raise awareness about the children with imprisoned parents.
  • To raise more actors in the communities world over to respond to the plight of children with imprisoned parents.
  • To develop a standard and professional practice in helping children with imprisoned parents.
  • To equip participants with extensive insight to the needs of children with imprisoned parents.
  • To equip participants with awareness, understanding, and skills essential for effective service
  • To foster opportunities to collaborate and network with colleagues working for international, governmental, and non-governmental agencies;
  • To equip participants tools to evaluate interventions and identify examples of good practice; and methods for anticipating and preventing deverse effects of parental imprisonment

Social workers, Human Rights Activists, Criminologists , Lawyers , government worker, Law enforcement  officers , Religious leaders , practitioners  working with prisoners, prisoners children and families of prisoners
By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • To understand in depth the plight faced by children with incarcerated parents.
  • To work in organizations that work to alleviate the impact of parental imprisonment.
  • Design effective and efficient interventions for children with incarcerated parents.
  • Develop skills in minimizing the impact of incarceration on children.

​For more details contact : Francis Ssuubi