Wells of Hope


The Wells of Hope Internship Programme offers eligible/qualified students an opportunity to acquire hands-on practical experience in Wells of Hope’s work under the direct supervision of experienced Wells of Hope staff.

We are partnering with different universities  and organizations world over to carry out internship programmes. For students coming from  such Partner Universities and organizations, they need to work through their  University/organization  internship Coordinators .

Students who do not belong to such academic institutions or organizations with which we have a partnership should follow the Requirements below to apply for internship at Wells of Hope.

Eligibility requirements:

  •     You need to be currently enrolled as an  undergraduate or post-graduate student in a field related to Wells of Hope’s interests for example Social work, Development Studies, Law, Human Rights, Child Development, Psychology, Counseling, Criminology among others.
  •     You must be enrolled during the proposed internship period.
  •     Your application for an internship should be supported by your university or related institution. A minimum requirement is a letter from one of your lecturers/professors supporting your application.
  •     Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in the field of children of Prisoners or Prisoners in general.

However, please keep in mind that even if you meet these qualifications, there is no guarantee of placement. Please contact us by email to apply for internship