It was a relatively long bodaboda ride to a village called Lumpewe in  Nakaseke district. I disembarked from the motorcycle at a trading center and gave my contact person a call. She pointed me in the general direction I was to walk; we would meet halfway. 

A few minutes into my walk I notice a woman, clad in a gomesi with a vibrant step in her walk moving hastily towards me some meters away. I got the feeling she was the one I had come to see. I was right. 

We smiled at each other, exchanged pleasantries, and walked back to her house. 

Enfrance lives in a humble two-roomed house with three grandchildren. She doesn’t have a source of income and the crops she grows are mainly for home consumption. Her son, who had been quite a support to her, was imprisoned about 6 years ago after he got into a fight that turned ugly quickly. This didn’t result in dire consequences for just him but for all that is connected to him including his young daughter. 

Enfrance’s granddaughter is a shy but sweet-looking girl. Something about her drew me in almost instantly. I don’t know whether it was the half-somber gaze in her eyes or the seemingly expectant look she had. All the while I was there; she sat close to her grandmother often whispering into her ear. I figured they have a good relationship.  

As my time there drew to an end my ear caught something that has rung therein to this moment. It was the little girl’s voice whispering to her grandmother, “Jajja, I had really hoped they were taking me with them today.”  My heart melted. The hope and desire in her heart to take this opportunity; to have an opportunity to go to a good school, the opportunity to make new friends, the opportunity to be a part of something different from what she knew now. 

It made me think how we probably never realize just how much the little things we do mean the world to someone else. I am humbled to be a part of a mission that restores the hope of children like Efrance’s granddaughter. I am grateful to God for every individual that takes a moment to give to this ministry in any way because it’s through this joint effort that this little girl and so many more like her will have their dreams come true. 

That ringing in my ear will stop soon because Enfrance’s granddaughter will be joining Wells of Hope Junior School this week. Thank you all for making this possible. God bless you. 

By Cordelia Besigiroha

Programs Officer