Wells of Hope

Opening gates

Motivated by the Great Commission and The great Commandment ,The Opening Gates is an, interactive comprehensive program that enables the church to respond to the plight of children with imprisoned parents.
Opening Gates is designed to educate, stir and challenge Christians to active and meaningful interventions that aim to reach out to the children with imprisoned parents.

It is conducted in partnership with local churches, organizations or any group of Christians. To be specific the target participants include Children church facilitators, Christian School Teachers, Pastors, Prison Evangelists, or Any Christian involved in outreach or is seeking to know how to serve in the church.
The Opening Gates Course utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including group discussions, short lecture introduction, devotions, video teaching and student participation.
Based on the Wells of Hope Intervention model, Opening Gates looks at the Three main points of the triangle of the child’s life when a parent is in prison which are the Prison , The Community and School . through the model the likelihood is that an impact is made on the difficulties faced by children with a parent in prison.