Wells of Hope

Wells of Hope Church

As of December, 2020 we have been led by God to start a Church in the names of Wells of Hope Church Nabweyo. Its located at a village called Nabweyo, in Namutumba Eastern District of Uganda. This one of the churches we hope to plant in the future!

It is also of one objectives as Wells of Hope to plant Churches, although our focus primarily is Providing Children with a parent in prison with all possible care, and carrying Prison Ministry Evangelistic Outreaches to Prisons.

Our goal is that the children and people in prison who we provide support, and we are able to disciple and mentor, go out to become seeds in their local communities and become agents of positive change.

In this case, planting this church was triggered by the three children Winnie, Esther and James who we have discipled AND by the release of their father from prison.

Their father Peter, who has been on death row for 11 years was released in September 2020, while in prison Peter experienced a conversion and became a born again Christian, and when he returned to his community he found when his children whom Wells of Hope had been supported had already started evangelising the community. Prior before his arrest, Peter was a witch doctor or say a sorcerer who was deeply involved in African witchcraft and was respected and feared in that, it was his main source of livelihood. SO when he returned the community expected him to continue doing the same practices He was involved in. Instead Peter choose not to follow his old ways, and has vowed to serve God!

Peter’s co accused Martin too, gave his life to The Lord and lives in the same area. He is working under peter in this new work of Our Lord!

SInce the Church started there are many testimonies we are receiving and they extremely encouraging and Glorifying God! Countless people who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they are born again. Among them are prominent Moslems in the area.

We are also meeting in life groups or call them small groups, so far we have three life groups!

One of the Children, Winnie says this has not only changed the highly impoverished community , but also life in their family has changed. They have peace, love and unity. The Witchcraft  which existed in their family had torn apart their family.

The reason why I have written is 1. To Update you 2. To ask you to pray for this work 3. To rejoice together with us, because the fruits of The Lords work through Wells of Hope is being made manifest . 5. To Provide any support and any advise and any encouragement you can. If you know anyone interested in planting churches, please feel free to connect us,

As you know the goal of Wells of Hope is to disciple nations and to see God’s name Glorified, for every child we help, and for every person we reach out to in Prison, we hope they can one day as God leads go out to become seeds and change their community.

To follow the updates, and also see photos you can like The Church’s page /hope church nabweyo/