Year-End Campaign

Warm greetings from Wells of Hope!

Thank you for your continued support for the work that we are doing as we extend love and hope to children with parents in prison and their families. From the day 2019 kicked in, we have achieved a lot! Because of your support:

  • 158 children are receiving quality education as well as welfare packages (like food, clothing, medical care, among other necessities)
  • 5 students have joined tertiary institutions (2 at university and 3 in vocational institutions)
  • 91 children have visited their parents in prison twice so far (11 of these visited their parents for the very first time) and the third visit is due October 24th 
  • monthly 160Kgs of high nutritious maize flour have been delivered to inmates living with HIV & AIDS
  • The ground floor of the administration block is in its final stages and the piggery unit has grown to 45 pigs
  • 40 caregivers have been engaged in 2 HCT (HIV Counseling and Testing ) workshops; and so much more!!! 

We would not be able to do all this without you, thank you so much!

The most powerful and meaningful gift one can give during this season is to be able to change someone’s life.

We have kicked off  67.8% of our annual budget, and we believe that together, we will be able to hit 100% by the end of December.  The 32.2% (USD31,930.52) to be raised covers: purchasing food for the children, paying children’s tuition, Christmas party, among other needs.


You can consider contributing 1% of a need or sponsoring a need as a group (friends, company, church, etc) Thank you!


1. Mobile Money
Account Name; Wells of Hope Ministries 
Account Number: 0780530619
2. Bank
Bank Name; Barclays Bank Ltd
Bank Account Name; Wells of Hope Ministries
Account Number; 6000489474


1. Partners in Hope USA:
Contact Person: Brooke Skypala
2. UK Friends of Wells of Hope
Contact Person: Benjamin Raikes

Another way you be part of this cause is to share this campaign with your friends and family; ask them to make a donation to this year’s campaign.
Thank you!