• To build the capacity of more families of prisoners and ex-prisoners through education and essential skills training in order to improve economic viability, reduce family disintegration, reduce crime rates and keep children in school.
• To provide children of prison with quality and affordable education.
• To make an impact on the growing number of vulnerable young people and out of school children who are denied the opportunity to continue their education and develop their fundamental skills, because a parent has been imprisoned.

WOH has been able to support a total of 158 children. There has been a great reduction in the vulnerability of children of prisoners especially girls. Some of the girls who had dropped out of school were being forced into marriage at a very young age. Fortunately, with the fees contribution, the girl child can now realize the dream of attaining an education. The children are also assured of continuity in education. This has led to a reduction in the rate of school drop outs. Prisoners living with HIV/AIDS no longer worry a lot about their children because they are now sure their children are at school. The fees burden that the care takers had particularly the grandmothers has also been lessened. Besides this, most of the prisoners’ families now have a positive attitude towards education.