Social Worker

Vacancy Announcement

  1. Job title: Social Worker
  2. Qualification and Work experience:
  3. Degree in Social Work
  4. Minimum of three years of work experience with direct provision of care for children
  5. Knowledge of trauma and child development
  6. Experience of therapeutic work with children desired.
  7. Work Station: Kyebando
  8. Number Required: One
  9. Special Competence:
  10. Ability to engage with children and vulnerable adults in a welfare setting
  11. Excellent computer skills in Email, Excel & Word;
  12. Knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation;
  13. Good planning and organizational skills;
  14. Excellent inter-personal and team working skills, with an ability to work flexibility and adapt to emerging issues;
  15. Ability to work independently and yet collaboratively with partners with limited supervision;
  16. Excellent verbal and written communication skills; both in English & local languages?
  17. Background check and references required

Basic Function:

The social worker, in close collaboration with the lead social worker, director and pertinent government officials identifies children for reintegration and foster care in line with the regulations governing child welfare services in Uganda. The social worker conducts bio-psycho social assessments of children that are referred for reintegration and foster care to facilitate the reintegrationprocess and placement of children into fosterfamilies. The social worker also develops and implements service plans or interventions to promote the developmental wellbeing of children under care in a boarding school. The social worker oversees the care of children and offers recommendation to staff at the boarding school to ensure care provided meets standards of best practice and minimum standards of care by the Ugandan Government.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Identifies children for reintegration and foster care together with the lead social worker, director and relevant government personnel in compliance with the regulations governing reintegration and foster care in the country.
  2. Conducts through background and bio-psycho social assessment of childrenand reviewseach case with the lead social worker.
  3. Holds service determination meetings with the lead social worker,  drafts and review a plan for each child
  4. Periodically assesses the child’s physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive development to determine child barriers, follow up, needs and outcomes.
  5. Offers therapeutic counseling to children as needed, identifying additional therapeutic referrals in serious cases to a professional counselor
  6. Participates in the tracing and assessment of birth/extended families for reintegration purposes 
  7. Prepares children for transition both for reintegration and foster care
  8. Plans gradual transition of children by speaking with and supporting the child and coordinating pre-placement visits with birth/extended families and foster families 
  9. In coordination with the lead social worker, facilitates reintegration of children with birth/extended families and placement of children with foster families 
  10. Conducts periodic follow up of children after reintegration and foster care placement
  11. Prepares case file for each child and documents progress
  12. Assists in the acquisition and submission of required documents of the child to court and other government agencies as required
  13. Organize trainings to caregivers and other staff based on current needs and concerns
  14. Performs other duties as assigned by the lead social worker and director

Interested candidates should Send a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume and a cover letter by email