Our Needs

Our Needs:

Wells of Hope Schools for Children with incarcerated parents: We have 2 schools for children with parents in prison. Our objective is to see that they are well facilitated and that they will be conducive for the children and those who will come as years go by.

General Needs

ITEM Total Needed UGX Total USD
General needs    
Blankets              5,586,000 1596
Bed sheets              3,192,000 912
Beds            18,900,000 5250
Under wear              3,500,000 1000
Matresses              3,150,000 900
Mosquito nets              3,075,000 861
Pad bins                  200,000 56
Plastic sandals              1,950,000 520
Tv for Junior school              1,575,000 450
School computers            21,000,000 6000
painting classrooms            10,076,500 2879
Sportswear for children            13,650,000 3900

$50 per month can help sponsor a child of a prisoner who is in secondary school.
$35 monthly gift can provide tuition, lunch, school uniform and pair of shoes per year, and medical assistance when needed for a prisoner’s child.Make a donation to change Lives Today

$80 per month can help sponsor a child of a prisoner who is in a University.

$150 a year could help set up an income generating project that help create wealth for one grand mother or caretaker caring for a prisoner’s child.We have 60 caretakers so far.

$300 a month could help feed 500 prisoners living with HIV/AIDS, it would provide food supplements which include high protein maize floor, sugar and sardine fish.

* Tracts and Christian literature , (roughly 4,000 USD per year )would help us place scripture materials)

*Whenever we visit the prisons we donate items like Clothes, sugar,High protein maize floor.,Soap, Hygiene kit(Bathing Soap,Toothpaste,Tooth Brush ), books, sports equipment e.g balls, nets,board games.

Please in case you would like to partner with Wells of Hope Ministries in reaching to the Children of Prisoners in Uganda, do not hesitate to contact us or send your Donation to the Address below.

Wells of Hope
P. O. Box 6315, Kampala,
Uganda, East Africa.
Tel. +256 414 251326
Cell: +256 781 889447