Capital Projects

Wells of Hope Junior School is a school for Children of Prisoners  in Uganda started by Wells of Hope Ministries  in 2010. In 2012 through generous donations of friends like you, we bought 10 acres  of land and have been constructing, but have never completed, so we need your help to complete!

ITEM Total Needed UGX  Total USD
Capital needs/construction needs for Wells of Hope Junior School
Administration Block complex with administration offices, library, sick bay and store          262,500,000             75,000
Classroom toilets            63,000,000             18,000
Dinning hall(furnished) /Church Hall          213,500,000             61,000
Teachers’ quarters          350,000,000           100,000
Drainage system            78,428,000             23,766
School van            21,213,500               6,061
Fire Alarm Installation system              9,625,000               2,750
Borehole(well) with connected pipe work and pump            56,000,000             16,000
Capital Needs/Construction needs for Wells of Hope High school
Land  (10 acres of land) for Wells of Hope High School           104,400,000             $29000
Estimate of constructing High school buildings(classrooms, Dormitories, Laboratories, Play ground, Dining Hall          875,000,000           250,000