When Sponsors Meet Their Sponsored Children

Prof Adele Jones from the University of Huddersfield  sharing a photo with Winnie, her sponsored child

At Wells of Hope, child sponsorship is at the heart of what we do; not only do sponsors give hope for a better life to the children with imprisoned parents, but they also become family to the children.
On 23rd January 2019, we were extremely delighted to have Prof Adele Jones from the University of Huddersfield visit us again since 2012. During her visit, she met the staff at Wells of Hope secretariat and she visited Wells of Hope Junior School and Wells of Hope High School. One of her major highlights was meeting Winnie, her sponsored child. She was amazed at how beautiful and confident Winnie had grown. Prof Adele was very happy to see how fast the organization had progressed. She donated scholastic materials like books, crayons, pencils, balls, among others. Prof Adele’s visit in 2012 was transformational; she’s an advocate for vulnerable children and children with incarcerated parents at Wells of Hope.  
We thank Prof Adele for her continued support and love for the children at Wells of Hope.

HIV Prevention & Care Trends And Parenting Of Children With A Parent In Prison – Psychosocial Support To Caregivers

Wells of Hope staff and staff from Aids Information Center sharing a photo with the children’s caregivers on 18th January 2019, at Wells of Hope offices

Prisoners and their families are at the center of what we do; annually, we conduct psychosocial workshops for caregivers, with an aim of helping them cope with having a loved one in prison; and sensitizing them about HIV & AIDS.

On 18th January 2019, we held our first workshop, with the theme HIV Prevention & Care Trends & Parenting Of Children With A Parent In Prison; and 32 caregivers participated. Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Executive Director welcomed the caregivers, reminded them of the Wells of Hope Vision and Mission; and appreciated their good turn-up which showed cooperation as we partner together to raise children with incarcerated parents. She recognized grandmothers and caregivers who are not biological parents for the care and love; and encouraged them that 2019 is going to be  a year of greater achievements. Richard Kawooya, Prevention Officer at Aids Information Center (AIC) together with two counselors facilitated the HIV prevention and care session; he encouraged the caregivers to always test for their HIV status; to remain faithful or abstain. 

Dr Kawooya sharing about HIV prevention measures

He urged those living with the HIV virus to always check their CD4 count at health centers; and to take proper care of themselves and not to spread the virus. The caregivers later volunteered to be tested for the virus.

A caregiver being tested

During the Parenting session, the Wells of Hope Junior School Deputy Head Teacher and Wells of Hope High School head teacher updated the caregivers about their children’s academics.

Charles Ocoper, Wells of Hope Junior School Deputy Head Teacher and Charles Ssenoga, Wells of Hope High School Head Teacher sharing about the children’s well-being with the caregivers

The head teachers reported that the children’s general performance had greatly improved compared to the previous years. They urged the caregivers to be part of their children’s lives and take care of them; they shared with the caregivers in depth the expectations of this year as far as the children are concerned through sharing of school rules and regulations, among others.

Charles SSenoga, Wells of Hope High School interacting with caregivers

We thank all our sponsors for their continued support.

Marjorie’s Mission Trip To USA

Grace, Bridget, Mercedes, Beth and Marjorie sharing a photo at the Gala on 30th November 2018

Marjorie Lunkuse, Wells of Hope Deputy Executive Director was invited by Camp David of the Ozarks in Missouri to represent Wells of Hope during their “Let’s go change the world” Gala on 30th November, 2018 in Missouri ; the aim was to share the impact of Camp David’s international work in Uganda where they run camps for children with parents in prisons .
After the Gala she visited three other states that is Texas, Indiana and California. While there she was able to visit churches, schools, Universities and Bible study groups. She had an opportunity to provide an update about Wells of Hope and our experiences. Wherever she went she shared stories and experiences of children with parents in prison
Wherever she went different people welcomed her, some chose to sponsor a child and others gave one time donations. The highlight of her trip were the quality of time and reception from everyone she connected and re-connected with; she appreciates the quality time given to her, welcome and bonding with families that she stayed with. She enjoyed sharing stories about children with parents in prison in Uganda as well as learning about children with parents in prison in the USA.
Wells of Hope wishes to thank everyone for your prayers and support. Without your contribution, this trip would not have been possible and successful.

Uganda Reentry Guide Project; A Possible Halfway Home For Formerly Incarcerated Women In Uganda

Susan Burton (C) and Rebecca Ginsburg (3rd left) sharing a photo with the Reentry Advisory Committee (RAC) on 7th January 2019

We are glad to report that Prof Rebecca Ginsburg, from the University of Illinois USA and Susan Burton, Founder and Executive Director of New Way of Life back in the US visited Wells of Hope from 7th to 11th January 2019. Susan is also an author of “Becoming Ms Burton”, a book where she shares her testimony and gives hope to incarcerated women. Prof Rebecca in collaboration with the University of Illinois, Wells of Hope and Uganda Prison Service is working on a guide for Uganda; a booklet that will help/ guide inmates who are soon to be released from correctional centers (prisons).  During one of Rebecca’s previous visits, inmates expressed a need for a halfway home; a place where they would be prepared before resettling back in their communities. She took this request at heart and shared the idea with Susan Burton, whose organization has established 7 halfway homes so far in the US.

Rebecca and Susan interacted with the Commissioner General, the Reentry Advisory Council, inmates at Luzira Women prison and formerly incarcerated women; they were all excited and delighted to interact with Rebecca and Susan.

Susan Burton (second right) and Rebecca Ginsburg (second left) meeting the Reentry Advisory Committee at the Uganda Prisons Headquarters on 7th January 2019

During their visit, Rebecca shared an update about the guide and said that the draft would be launched soon. She encouraged the incarcerated women to always speak out; “Do not stop sharing your story, never know! When people come together, they do wonderful things,” she said.

Rebecca sharing the updates about the Uganda Reentry Guide with the inmates at Women Prison Luzira

Susan encouraged the incarcerated women to think about their lives after prison; “You must understand your lives,” she added. She shared her testimony with the women and how God saved her. She encouraged them to be the best they can be in order to be great.

Susan Burton sharing her testimony with the inmates at Women Prison Luzira

Rebecca and Susan donated books, clothes and balls to children under Wells of Hope care.

We thank the University of Illinois, Rebecca, Susan and everyone they worked with; we thank them for their support in giving hope to incarcerated people. We thank the Uganda Prisons Service for their continued support.

OneHope Reaches Out To Children With Incarcerated Parents

On 27th November 2018, we were privileged to have Pastors Herb & April Adkins and Pastor Catherine Cordova from USA. They were accompanied by our friends from OneHope Uganda. The OneHope team comprised Daniel, Godwin, Jacob and Calvin.
The visitors and the children happily mingled with each other.

Pastor April Adkins and Daniel Biyinzika from OneHope entertaining the children

The visitors encouraged the children to always glorify God above anything else; they encouraged them to always trust him for he’s a BIG GOD! They encouraged them to dream big because everything is possible with God. The children were encouraged to always put their trust in God despite the circumstances they may be going through.

Pastor Catherine Cordova encouraging the children to dream big
Pastor Herb Adkins interacting with the children
Daniel and Gabriel Bategeka from OneHope isharing with the children about Change Agents

The OneHope team encouraged the children to use what they have to be change agents for example kindness, love, among others. They cautioned the children to trust God because he’s the only person going to help them to be the change in the world; God desires everyone to grow.

The visitors taught the children “the Water Bucket” game from where they learnt that they need to persevere in life, embrace teamwork, among others.

Wells of Hope children playing the water bucket game
The visitors cheering the children

Children entertaining the visitors


Wells of Hope children praying for the visitors

We thank Pastor Catherine, Pastors Herb & April Adkins for their love towards children with imprisoned parents.
We thank OneHope Uganda for their continued support for the children.