My name is Beatrice Nalutaaya, a Social Worker at Wells of Hope Ministries Family Based Care Project. I coordinate and support the day-to-day needs of children in Foster Care and those in need of Foster Care and their families (those under Reunification). “I have always been known as someone who has always wanted to work with children and families and see the Child Welfare system be transformed for children with a Parent in Prison.”

Connecting with the children and Foster families that I work with that serves and provides Foster Children with the opportunities, skills, and resources they need to thrive keeps me motivated and engaged with my day to day work.

I enjoy parent-child visits since they are so important to the children, I always look forward to them each time foster parents want to bond with the foster children.

“Parent-child visits is a unique experience in the bonding process as children meet up with the foster parents as this helps in strengthening the attachment between the Foster parents, the foster children themselves and the also the other members of the family in the foster home. To me I see it as one of my unique experiences seeing these children start getting to know each other for the first time, create an impression for the rest of their stay and the relationship that has been created.”