On Good Friday eve 2022, early in the morning, different staff members of Wells of Hope
Ministries (WOHM) set off from Kampala to Wells of Hope Junior School to go and be part of
the long awaited day, “Easter in Prison”. Personally I was excited and eager to experience what it
is like to be part of Easter in Prison this being my first time. Not so long after we (the staff) had
arrived, our friends from Power FM who partnered with us to put together this beautiful day also
arrived. The children making lines towards the school gate, dancing and singing warmly received
them. It was wonderful to witness the smiles on the children’s faces to see these happy people
coming to celebrate Easter with them. I too couldn’t help but join in the dancing and celebration
since our awaited day had finally come to life.

When everyone had settled in, it was time for introductions and this helped us better understand
who each of our guests were and thereby help us better interact and share with them through the
day. After this point the children were divided into groups the boys, girls and the very little ones.
I personally remained with the latter and also the other staff members where allotted to join the
different groups and interact with the children. In our group with the little ones was a blast, the
team from Power FM made it so lively and engaging, it was full of laughter since several games
were played to test the knowledge of children about their bodies, their speed in answering simple
questions and they were also helped to better understand the meaning of Easter. Group
discussions were followed by sports activities and this was beautiful to witness, the students
competing with the staff and the guests. After this lunch was served and yes this is the best part
of the day and the children got to munch on the amazing food that was served accompanied by a
soda and yes they enjoyed it.

As the serving was going on, there came a heavy down pour but this too could not stop the joy
filled day from continuing. We later on had the guest artists sing and entertain the children, these
danced and sang that the staff couldn’t hold themselves back from joining in. This session was
followed by cake cutting, it was such a lovely cake and all the children got to share of it since I
was the one slicing it up.
The day was concluded so well with the children receiving many wonderful gifts that the Power
FM team had carried for them and these included mattresses, shoes, clothes, soda, bags,
mosquito nets among others. I was so happy and felt a certain fulfillment in my heart seeing
smiles covering the faces of the children throughout the day, it was a day beautifully spent.
Special thanks go out to Power FM; the staff, the listeners and Watoto church at large for
ensuring that this day comes to life.

Compiled by : Evelyn Nalule : Finance Assistant / Administrator