Armed And Equipped: To Parent, Be Financially Stable And Lead A Healthy Life

As we are all trying to adjust to the new normal (of COVID-19), we are glad that through your support we continue to restore hope to them especially during this time.

Yesterday, we conducted our first workshop with the caregivers of children with imprisoned parents. This time around the theme was; Armed And Equipped: To Parent, Be Financially Stable And Lead A Healthy Life. During the Workshop, the caregivers shared some of the lessons they have learnt from COVID, some of which included: they have developed better saving skills in order to prepare for the future and uncertainties; they have learnt to spend wisely; and they have got to know their children better. They were encouraged to not to lose hope despite the prevailing circumstances of COVID-19.

Mrs Marjorie Lunkuse Lwanga, the Deputy Executive Director encouraged the caregivers to always carry out their responsibilities as parents towards the children entrusted to them.

During the workshop, Mrs Esther Ssembatya of Wezesha Impact facilitated about marketing and financial literacy. She urged the caregivers to consider a good price when buying items for their businesses; to know their competitors; and to know how to sell off their products.

Mrs Esther Ssembatya from Wezesha Impact facilitating about Marketing

She also encouraged them to consider the demand and supply of a commodity or service before starting any business.

The caregivers were also engaged in a very interactive session about HIV and AIDS which was facilitated by friends from the AIDS Information Centre.

They were urged to always do HIV tests in order to know their status; to stay faithful to their partners; and to adhere to treatment for healthy positive living. They were enlightened about the use of PrEP and PEP medication as well.

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