“…I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Prison outreach is the core of our work. With the help of volunteers, the organization is able to reach out to the inmates through Health & Psychosocial support. Yesterday, a refresher training was conducted; and the team was reminded about the prison DOs & DONTs as well as the organisation statement of faith.

During the opening remarks, Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope’s Executive Director shared an overview about the organisation; she explained the organisation vision, mission, goals and programs.

Ellen Eva Ssuubi, sharing the how the organisation started, during the opening remarks

She encouraged staff to be more more compassionate as they reach out to inmates and their families. During the session, she quoted Isaiah 61:1 and she encouraged team by saying that it is their role to take good news to people in prison in fulfilment of the great commission. She also quoted Matthew 25:36 (“…I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.) and she emphasized that the above scriptures guide evangelists when they go to prison to preach the gospel; and when talking to caregivers. She urged the team to be compassionate to that vision.

Apostle Sunday Kafeero, Wells of Hope volunteer in the Programs Department shared the organisational statement of faith. He shared his personal life of how he joined the organisation. He went on to share his experience of going to prison; he shared that he went to Upper prison Luzira for the very first time when his father was in prison and the second time he went back was to preach gospel to inmates.

Apostle Sunday Kafeero facilitating about the Statement of Faith

Apostle Sunday’s major aim in life is to win souls of those who are oppressed. He thanked Wells of Hope for giving him the opportunity to serve God. He encouraged the team to believe God in everything they do; to be true Christians in the eyes of God; to be self-driven; to be independent; to be accountable; to always stand together as one body, which is the church.

Marjorie Lunkuse Lwanga, Wells of Hope’s Deputy Executive Director shared the prison DOs and DONTs with the team. She shared that going to prison is a blessing especially when we see lives changing. She urged the team to be obedient and abide by the prison rules and regulations at all times.

Marjorie Lunkuse Lwanga facilitating about the prison DOs and DONTs

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