Children in The Dark – What Happens to Children of Migrant workers?

Labor exportation is undeniably one of the most sought-after source of income for Ugandans at the moment, however Parents who migrate from Uganda to other countries in pursuit of work often do not consider the effect this has on the children that are left behind. In most cases the children are neither consulted nor informed about the decisions of their parents but instead are left with relatives, friends or in institutions and are subjected to growing up without proper parental love that they ought to receive from their primary caregivers who in this case are their biological parents. This is an infringement on their human rights.

Wells of Hope has as thus conducted a pilot research to assess the impact of Labor migration to the children in Uganda. Click here to read Our report called “Children in the Dark” which we believe is a voice for these children has recommendations we hope can be considered to increase positive outcomes for these children.

Our goal and hope is that people, local and international institutions, and government departments working on issues of Children in Uganda will use this report to ensure that this group of children that has been ignored since time immemorial is able to enjoy their full human rights.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the report and suggestions about what can be done to ensure that migrant workers’ children in Uganda are not kept in the dark. Reach us on +256-772-650-787 or email us on

Yours for the Children

Francis Ssuubi

Founder  – Wells of Hope

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