Creating A Quality Standard Of Living For Children

We are happy to bring to your attention that, on Tuesday, Wells of Hope Ministries in partnership with Preaj was honored to have the Founding Director of Fight Depression and Stress (FIDS) organization, Mrs. Rosemary Wadaki, who is also advocating against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Kenya.

Rosemary gave a talk to all our volunteers at the school on the following areas; how to deal with mental health problem, stress management, child protection laws and cycles of healing.

During the workshop, Madam Judy, Satellite Academy head teacher explained the efforts and strategies the school is employing to promote quality standard of life for the children of imprisoned parents who are being sponsored by Wells of Hope Ministries. She commended Wells of Hope Ministries and Preaj for the support rendered to children with imprisoned parents in Kenya; “Whenever it is possible Wells of Hope Ministries and Preaj continue to offer Christian discipleship, prayer, counseling to the children, their guardians and teachers periodically because doors are open,” she added.

Madam Judy also confirmed that Satellite Academy is well positioned and will continue to provide quality education to children with imprisoned parents in Kenya because it’s their mission to give a quality Christian based learning environment for the greater well-being our pupils.

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