Christmas Comes Early For Children With Parents In Prison

Christmas is a time of joy; and love. As most families gather to celebrate this festive season, for most children (over 90%) under our care it is like any other day. Their families are living in very deplorable situations and their caregivers cannot afford to celebrate the season the way most average families do.

With support from friends, Wells of Hope Ministries annually holds a Christmas party for the children before they go back home for the Christmas break. The joy and excitement expressed by the children is unexplainable!

This year’s party was held on December 2nd at Wells of Hope Junior School. Due to COVID-19 outbreak in March, schools in Uganda were closed. However, most children under our care stayed behind because some do not have homes to go to; and others are at risk in their communities. When the children got to know that the party was still on, they leaped with joy! Due to the current situation globally, this came as a surprise to them!

Throughout the day, the children and staff were extremely happy! One could tell by the wide smiles on their faces.

This year’s main Guests were two parents who were recently acquitted! The children were excited when they saw them; and most of all to celebrate Christmas with them! They were extremely grateful to the organization for taking on the responsibility of looking after their families especially their children; and they encouraged the children to continue trusting God for everything they pray for.

Paul and Peter (not real names) expressing gratitude to God for intervening in their court cases

The day was a fully packed one as children made a couple of presentations which included a skit, mimes, dances and singing of Christmas carols, which they had prepared.

In the skit, the children emphasized the importance of Christmas and reminded their friends about God’s love for humankind.

Other major highlights at the party included: the Christmas carols presented by the children; all children receiving a Christmas gift; sharing icecream; playing on the bouncy castle; 36 children graduating with trade skills; and an interactive dance session by the IDU Dancers!

IDU Dancers engaging children in a dance session:


During the party, the children and staff shared a sumptuous meal and a cake!

Ellen Eva Ssuubi, Wells of Hope Executive Director joining the children as they cut their cake

Children with their gifts:

The party was another of a kind; a scientific one given the current circumstances. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors and everyone who responded towards the end of year campaign; especially towards the children’s Christmas party which was a success! Thank you all for bringing a smile to children with imprisoned parents especially at such a time!!

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