Residents At The Home

On 19th Nov 2020, we received Atim Agnes and her two children; Liz aged 2.5years and Eid 6months, who was born in prison. The family was picked from the prison gate by the safe home social worker and driven to the safe home where they sought shelter. Prior to her arrest, Agnes owned and run a saloon in the outskirts of Kampala where she resided as well. Having lost her mother, the only relative she knew about in 2015, she resorted to staying alone and upon release she was unsure whether she would be able to find the house in which she was staying as she was initially renting it. While still living at the home, she was able to check out her home which she found no more but was lucky to find that her former neighbour was kind enough to keep her household and saloon items.

If it was not for the Wells of Hope Women Safe Home, I was just going to beg on the street for some money to transport me to kaberamaido to look for a lady who my mother had told me about as being her friend to house me and my children. I don’t even know where she stays but I was going to just ask around” Agnes shared.

Considering that going to Kaberamaido was not the best alternative for Agnes to resettle easily in a community, we aided her get rent money to reignite her saloon business and be able to fend for her children. She happily transitioned from the safe home and is steadily settling in her home.

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