Formerly Incarcerated Women Association.

Yesterday, the formerly incarcerated women were able to meet again after the long lapse due to the COVID outbreak. Having agreed that the Standard Operating procedures that would help to prevent the spread pf Corona virus would be met, the ladies convened once again to get the investment association moving again and to deliberate on a number of issues that they had faced during the lockdown.

10 of the 17 women that managed to attend the fellowship that day shared that a number of them had lost their jobs and used almost all the savings they had on themselves to cater for their families and now were looking forward to starting afresh. They sighted a slow progress in their day today activities, hiked food and transport prices and uncertainty of the new year. They as thus agreed that they would resume their investment saving scheme in January 2021 when they hoped that things will have improved greatly.

The ladies also agreed that come 15th Dec 2020, they would celebrate their Christmas party as well as elect the executive committee for the change of office for the year 2021.

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