Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women Resettle Back In Their Communities: Economic Empowerment

Gloria Nakangu (L) interacting with Rhitah, a former resident of the Wells of Hope Women Safe Hope

After imprisonment, it is usually difficult for people who have left prison to resettle back in the community, especially women. They are stigmatized by the society and as a result many are forced to flee from the place they thought would be home. Due to such circumstances, most have been left jobless. Those adhering to Anti-Retroviral drugs now find it difficult to access health centres in order to obtain medication because of the hike in transport fares due to the current situation (COVID-19); public means now are permitted to transport half the capacity before the pandemic broke out.

Rhitah is one of the women who is a former resident at the Wells of Hope Women Safe Home. She’s extremely grateful for the support she’s getting from Wells of Hope Ministries; “With the start-up I got, I was able to start a salon; I bought salon materials; and I was able to start another Income Generating Activity for my husband,” Rhitah shared with a Social Worker. Rhitah’s husband was also in prison and was reunited with his family 4 months back; we intervened and offered legal Aid for him to be acquitted of the charges by hiring a lawyer on his behalf. Rhitah’s husband now sells fish to earn a living.

Before joining the Home, Rhitah expressed her worry about how life outside prison was going to be like. She’s now happy and hopeful for a brighter future! She said that the food supplements she gets help them so much and that they are now healthy and are able to carry on with their activities. Rhitah is also training the children at Wells of Hope in hairdressing, manicure and pedicure.

Rhitah teaching children how to style bridal hair

We thank all our sponsors for their continued support towards the inmates, the formerly incarcerated and their families!

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