Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women Resettle Back In The Community Successfully

It’s always a joy whenever we receive people who’ve just been released from prison! Today, we took two women (Mary and Molly) out to Cafe Javas, one of Uganda’s best eat out places! They had a sumptuous meal and also cut a cake! It was their first time to go out to such a place! We thank all our friends for sponsoring this meal.

Mary (L) and Molly (R) enjoying a lovely meal at Cafe Javas

Mary has served three years in Luzira Women Prison. While at the home, Mary was assisted to get medical assistance for she had got an accident while in prison that left her anaemic. She was advised by the prison medical personnel that she should get a blood transfusion to reinstate her normal health upon release. Mary was thoroughly examined by the doctor who recommended proper feeding to generate body supply. She is currently being trained in tailoring where her passion lies.

Molly who has equally served three years in Luzira Women Prison. Her concern was to be reunited with her five children that she had left in Apac district when she moved to Nakasongola where she was arrested from.  “If it was not for Wells of Hope, I would have walked to Nakasongola to look for people that know me and ask them to help me raise money to transport me to Apac.” Molly shared. Molly was facilitated with transport money and she has since reunited with her family in Apac District.

We thank Susan Burton for sponsoring the Safe Home.

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