Helping Women Who Have Been Released From Prison Effectively Resettle In Their Communities.

This month, we welcomed Prossy at the safe Home. A few days prior to her release, Prossy approached the Luzira Women welfare officer and expressed her desire to join the Wells of Hope Women Safe home for a short stay as she traced for her children that she left behind when she was incarcerated a year ago, and her property.

Prossy joined the home and we aided her to find her children whom she found in perfect condition, one with her friend and the other with her paternal grandparents. Prossy was able to communicate with her family members and friends and was supported with transport and start-up capital to travel back to Kalangala to start up a fish vending trade.

Before she left the home, Prossy was so grateful for the safe home as she was able to prepare her mind before she could join the community. When she had just been released, she was so angry at her family for having let her go through incarceration and was unwilling forgive them. However, with time she changed the perception and was not as bitter as she was before. She referred to the Home “as ‘Kwagala” meaning “Love” because she was happy about the fact that there was someone out there that was welcoming and restoring hope to people that have been released from Prison.

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