Continued Education Support For Children With Imprisoned Parents In Kenya

Thanks to our sponsors for their continued support! Through your contribution, children with parents in prison and their caregivers have received food parcels, learning materials, farm inputs, mosquito nets and money for medical emergencies. 

Here are reports from some of the families visited;

After receiving supplies from Wells of Hope Kenya volunteers, Godfrey Barasa, Franciscka Austines a mother said;

“On behalf of all my children and other children whose parents are in prison, I appreciate the support during this pandemic. We’re very grateful by your sacrifice to provide us with basic like food. These are hard times for parents in prison, our children and all the inmates’ families. Your support means a lot to us”.

It’s with joy to report that home schooling for our children is going on well after Godfrey, one of our volunteers (who’s a teacher) visited families to deliver food supplies (which included: maize seeds, groundnuts), follow-up on the educational material which is being provided to the children and collect assignments for marking. Families are now utilizing their small pieces of land to grow maize, groundnuts and vegetables for domestic use and get income for the family.

John Baraka grade 3 and his ten siblings are orphans. After losing their father two years ago while serving a long sentence in Busia prison, Baraka together with his sisters, brothers and their mother Ketrude recall clearly how Wells of Hope Kenya came to their rescue by providing educational support and general welfare to them to date. On August 2nd we supplied them with Maize, Beans and ground nut seeds to grow in their small piece of land; they have shown commitment and hard work to change their family socially and economically. Baraka is also going on with his studies with the help of his elder brother under the supervision of our teachers.

Godfrey Barasa, Wells of Hope Kenya volunteer sharing a picture with Barak and his mother after receiving food supplies

Another family that has been visited is Gloria’s family. Gloria is a 9 year old girl who we identified last year during Camp David Kenya; she was happy to be part of the camp. Gloria has three younger brothers and two sisters. Her father is serving a life sentence in Kisumu Maximum Security Prison in Kenya. On August, 3rd our Volunteers visited Gloria and learned that she stays with her ailing maternal grandmother who is 94 years old, suffering from a stroke for the last 3 years after they were abandoned by Gloria’s mother who went in Nairobi many years ago. They live in an old muddy corroded iron sheet house. Food and medication has been a problem for them since COVID-19 broke out. Our first visits in the home created a big impact and restored hope to them, after receiving rice, sugar, cooking oil, soap and face masks. Gloria is happy for the support she’s received from Wells of Hope Ministries Kenya during these hard times of the pandemic. It’s with great joy that we delivered farm inputs like maize, beans and groundnuts for farming to empower them economically. Gloria wants to become a nurse after completing her education.

Godfrey Barasa, sharing a picture with Gloria and her grandmother in their home

We thank everyone who’s reaching out to support the work in Kenya!

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