Follow-Up Visits On Children With Incarcerated Parents

Gloria (C), Wells of Hope’s Assistant Programs Coordinator interacting with Rebecca (extreme right) and Sarah (2nd right)’s family

The number people ending up behind bars is escalating; and this has been mainly due to breaching of the measures that have been put in place by the Ministry of Health and the Police. As a result, the number of children with incarcerated parents has also escalated. The rate of domestic violence has increased and the number of child-headed homes has increased. When the breadwinner or primary caregiver is imprisoned, children are left to fend for themselves and their siblings; and hence, it becomes difficult for them to continue their studies. Most caregivers cannot afford to buy TVs, radios or newspapers for their children to continue their studies while providing basic needs like food and medical care. The children are solely depending on educational material being provided by Wells of Hope.

The organisation has continued providing supplies and educational material to the families of inmates. They have been provided with food supplies and educational material.

This month, we have visited the families of children who went back home; and the aim of the visits was to evaluate the progress of the children regarding the educational material that is being provided and to also follow up on the families’ general well-being. During the visits, we provided psychosocial support to the children and their families.

Gloria interacting with a caregiver

We thank all our sponsors for their continued support!

So far, we have visited 26 families out of 81 families. We are following up on more families; any kind of support is appreciated.

Gloria interacting with Christine (2nd Left) and Cissy (2nd Left)’s family

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