Situation Of Children With Parents In Prison

Some of the major challenges families of inmates are facing as a result of COVID-19 are lack of food, domestic violence and lack of means (say TVs, radios or money to buy newspapers) for children to continue their studies.

Rehema writing a letter to her sponsor when we visited her at her uncle’s home

Rehema (above) is one of the children under Wells of Hope care who’s been greatly affected; we found her tucked away in her uncle’s home. When COVID started, she went home to stay with the mother. The mother says that because she had financial challenges to feed her and on top of that because she didn’t have TV which could enable Rehema to study via some of the Lessons presented on TVs, she decided to send her to her uncle’s place. When we reached the there, Rehema was all in tears . Yes there is a TV but during the week her uncle and wife have to go work and they leave her behind with 3 toddlers to babysit, do all the house chores, and she ends up not watching the lessons on TV.

We are glad that Rehema is back and she’s continuing her studies!

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