Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women Have A Successful Reintegration Process

When the women are released from prison, the main thing they want is to reunite with their families and most especially their children. They as thus would want to settle in with them and re-live their lives as they were before they were incarcerated; things however did not turn out right for Claire and Annette who thought just because their family members were there for them while they were in prison they would have an easy reintegration period. They however faced segregation, and stigma once they reached the community.

Having spent three years and seven months in prison; Annette lost her taste for normal food. Her constant failure to enjoy the food at her sister’s place was not appreciated as it was considered wasteful. She on several occasions found her sister complaining to her husband about it, which made her feel a bother. She moved from home to home and in all of them, she was not well appreciated.

While I was leaving the prison, I honestly felt so ready and prepared for the outside world, but I was mistaken; what I expected is far different from what I experienced the moment I stepped out!”


Annette and Claire had heard about the Wells of Hope Women Safe Home while in prison during the Re-entry meetings. They had as well kept the Safe Home number and when things did not turn out as they expected, they called the Home; to visit and talk about their re-entry challenges and specifically with people that understand their plight.

They were taken through counselling and advised on how best to live through societal expectations post incarceration. The ladies were in agreement that upon release, they have served enough punishment for whatever did not go well and the last thing that they need is another punishment that society serves them when they expect freedom.

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