Trade Skills For Children With Parents In Prison: Culinary

Today, we started teaching our grown teenage girls culinary skills! During their very first lesson, they learnt how to make cookies! It’s a journey that we have started to teach young girls and some boys self sustaining skills so that they can become job creators! We need funds to buy an oven, and other cooking utensils.

Usually during the 3 school breaks, the children go back home for those who have homes to go to and sometimes they get issues like early pregnancies and face all kinds of abuse; so we want to keep them around during 2 school breaks, so that they use that time to learn trade skills and will only go home at the end of the year. At the end of their stay at Wells of Hope, we hope they should not only graduate with a national certificate but also a trade skill like hair dressing, cookery, tailoring, Engineering and agricultural skills. The 5 girls who are attending this course are going to be trainers. They will learn also how to make cakes, do snacks and cook regular party food! Besides, they are being mentored and taught entrepreneurial skills and motivated to believe that they can achieve and be what God wants them to be.

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