Situation In Kenya: COVID-19 And Natural Disasters

The numbers continue to rise due to the mass testing that is being done, especially in hard hit areas of Nairobi, Mombasa, Bungoma and now Busia which is second to Nairobi in terms of infections because of long distance truck drivers at the border point. Economically the country is taking a beating not only because of the coronavirus but also because of flooding and the locust invasion that is affecting the food supply. Due to the virus 1.2 Million people have lost their jobs, churches are closed, night-time curfew has been maintained and crime is on the rise and hunger for many Kenyans is becoming a reality. Today, the number of people infected with Covid-19 pandemic stands at 2600, 83 deaths and 643 have recovered. Yesterday the President extended the curfew till 6th July but schools have been projected to open first week of September for second term .

Approximately 2460 people (410 families) have been displaced due to floods The displaced and affected include the family of Faith one of our children whose father is serving 15 years of imprisonment, Faith together with others are still camping at Makunda Primary school.
Currently Wells of Hope children and their caregivers back in the villages are devoid of food, shelter clothing and Malaria drugs. Due to continuing heavy rains, the water levels are still rising and there are fears that more people could be displaced. We want to support our families in Kenya. We want to provide our children in their families with food, clothing, Mosquito nets, shelter and Malaria drugs. and any support in terms of funds and prayers are appreciated!

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