Fighting COVID-19 Together

When a breadwinner is imprisoned, their biggest worry is their family that has been left behind especially their children. Currently the organization is supporting 165 children and 81 families/households, who are mainly headed by grandmothers and mothers faced with effects of imprisonment where the bread winner is not available anymore to provide or guide the family during such emergency situations like the COVID – 19 pandemic effects. 

How We Are Coping

We are extremely grateful to friends and everyone who’s reaching out to the inmates and their families especially during this time. Through your contribution, we have continued reaching out to the inmates by delivering food supplements; children at Wells of Hope Junior School with no homes to go back to and those at risk in their communities are continuing their studies and they are receiving food, shelter, clothing, medical care, among other welfare packages. The children at home are continuing their studies through the educational material being provided by their teachers.

Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world. 
  • We are in need of more support for the children at Wells of Hope Junior School; food supplies, hygiene supplies and medical needs.
  • Since March, the 81 families have been receiving food supplies (in tangible form and monetary form), but the supplies that we were able to provide could not take them to August. More supplies are needed because they are starving
  • Over 500 inmates are living with HIV & AIDS at Upper prison Luzira and Women prison. The inmates, babies in prison, expectant women and elderly inmates are in need of more food supplies. The correctional centres are still closed to any visitors; even charities and inmates’ relatives who used to provide the inmates with special nutritional food.
  • The formerly incarcerated women especially those who had just moved into the community lack food. Some had petty jobs from which they had made some savings, but unfortunately their savings are now finished and due to the pandemic, the jobs are no more.

We appreciate any size of donation; to donate, consider any of the following options;

click the donate button below;

send your love gift through either Mobile Money or the bank;

Mobile Money:Bank Details:
Mobile Money Number: 256(0)780530619Bank Account Number: 6000489474 
Bank Account Name: Wells of Hope Ministries
Bank Name: ABSA Bank Uganda Limited


Following closure of schools in March, children with parents in prison continue to remain in dilemma as Coronavirus sweeps across the country. A big number of households in Kenya are headed by children as a result of parental imprisonment; and are experiencing high level of poverty and most children end up joining street life due to lack of basic needs.

Our children and their families are in need of more food supplies and hygiene supplies; if they are lucky, it is one meal a day, which is breakfast. We appreciate any support; to donate, click the donate button below;

We are extremely grateful to you for your continued support for the work that we do; especially during this time. We are hopeful that this situation shall come to pass very soon.

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