Situation At Wells Of Hope Women Safe Home: COVID-19

At the time we registered the first case in Uganda, we had one lady who was staying at the safe home and was awaiting to travel to her village which is about 500kms away from the main city. She was thus discharged from the safe home and we helped her with some facilitation to help her travel as it is what she required to reunite with her family. As of now, we have no resident at the safe home.

We are as in close contact with the prison welfare officials who unite us with the ladies in prison that would like to communicate with the safe home. We were expecting six(6) women to be released from both Luzira and Jinja prisons during the month of April and had shown interest in being sheltered at the safe home. We are trying to seek permission to allow us arrange with the prison officers to at least help the women that are leaving prison to reach their homes and for those that had requested to come to the safe home to be picked as well.

The formerly incarcerated women especially those who had just moved into the community lack food. Some had petty jobs from which they had made some savings, but unfortunately their savings are now finished and due to the pandemic, the jobs are no more.

We have reached out to formerly incarcerated women who are in the Wells of Hope Women Association and they are not doing well;they are struggling to survive. Whereas the government is currently distributing food, it is not easy for them to benefit from this as some do not have National IDs that are required to be able to obtain the food. With support from our sponsors, every member of the Association received food supplements in monetary terms ($8). They were very happy and grateful. One of the women said she was delighted that at least we came to their rescue as they had spent some days struggling to find what to eat.

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