Boosting The Health Of Inmates

200Kgs of high nutritive maize flour were delivered to inmates living with HIV at Upper prison Luzira on March 30th; the supplements were delivered by Sunday Kafeero (Programs Volunteer) and were received by the Deputy Officer in Charge of the prison. We thank Uganda Prisons Service for allowing us to deliver the supplements to the inmates. We thank all our partners for their continued support.
According to Uganda Prison Service (March 30th, 2020), Uganda currently ranks 2nd in Africa for having the most crowded prisons.

At the moment, inmates who are freed are stuck in prison for 14 days following the president’s directive to lockdown prisons as a measure to stop the spread of COVID-19. This has increased congestion and in return affected the hygiene in the centers.
 We cannot measure the level of psychosocial difficulties people in prison living with HIV/AIDS  must be facing right now. Since they don’t get visitors, and Wells of Hope are their only visitors , they are not going to interface with anyone as long as the quarantine exists. The government is supplying medicines but these medicines without good nutrition leaves these prisoners at a risk of death. At this time there is need for increased nutritional food distribution, and hygiene products like Toothpaste, tooth brushes, Soap.  Most charities have closed operations, which has been made worse by government restrictions on movements. Wells of Hope enjoys favor from the Uganda prison and can be allowed to deliver food. On 30 March, 2020 we were able to deliver 200kgs of High Protein Maize flour, which is much needed food for prisoners living with HIV. It is the only donation that they have received in this season

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