Enhancing Bonding Among Children Through Art Therapy

Counseling; Frida interacting with the younger children at Wells of Hope Junior School on 20th February 2020

After my positive experience at High School, I was excited to go for counselling at Junior School. The theme was the same as for the older students: Bonding. We gathered in the big hall, it was filled with happy faces. Just as last time, we were so well received. They seemed to remember us and even our names. I and my colleague Maja divided the group in two and the group with the youngest children followed me to another room. We had a great time getting to know each other and bonding. When I asked them what they think bonding is about, they gave great examples as “Loving each other”, “Sharing with each other” and “Playing”. I asked the students to do a painting of something they like and that makes them happy. The paintings were so nice, everyone participated and seemed to enjoy the task. Lucky me, I got a big bunch of lovely paintings! It sure was a challenge for me to keep the (about 60) children’s focus, but every challenge is an opportunity and I think it went well.

After some time in the classroom it was time to go outside. Some of the children had noticed that I had carried a football with me and they were very eager to play with it. We stepped out on the big field and played a name game, we formed a big circle and I stood in the middle passing the ball to the children. The one who received the ball said his/her name loudly and the others repeated it. It was a fun game and a good opportunity for me to practice the names and learning as many as I can. After the activity, we played football.

Even though time was almost 4 pm, the children seemed to have a great portion of energy left. I even had some trouble keeping up with them. We shared a beautiful moment out there in the afternoon sun. Can’t wait until next time I will visit Junior School!


Compiled by Frida Kindblom-Intern from Gothenburg University, Sweden

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