Meeting The Children Was Very Educational

Tuesday , February 11th was the first time that I went to visit the schools. The first weeks have been spent planning and getting to know the organisation. As a social work student, I was thrilled to get to meet the people who we will be working with as part of our internship. Therefore to finally get to see the schools and all the children was very exciting to me. I was even excited to see some other areas other than the inner city of Kampala. It was planned that we first visit the Junior School just to get to see the surroundings and to get introduced to the children for the first time. I think it was a good thing that the children got to know Frida’s and my face before the first counselling with them this week. The children seemed happy to say hello and ask us some questions and then they went back to class.

In the afternoon we took off to the High School where we were having our first counselling session with the theme bonding. I have to say I felt a little nervous before getting there. I have earlier worked with younger kids but I am not as used to dealing with teenagers. Before going to the High School we had heard that the students sometimes are difficult the first time you meet. That they might be timid and reserved. Fortunately, we found the High School students to be very welcoming, friendly and attentive to us which made the nervousness go away. Everybody participated in our planned activities and most of them seemed to enjoy it. The theme for the counselling session was bonding. The children had lots of reflective thoughts and ideas about bonding and so sharing information with each other was a joy. We laughed a lot during the activities and I was very happy that things were working out so well for us during our first interaction.

Maja sharing about Bonding with the students at Wells of Hope High School

All in all, the first school visit was very educational for me as many thoughts of self improvement popped up. It was also great fun! I am happy to have met the children and I am looking very much forward to spending more time getting to know and learn from them.

Maja engaging the students in a game

Compiled by: Maja Lindmark, Social Work student at University of Gothenburg-Sweden.

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