A Christmas Weekend With Children With Incarcerated Parents

Well, lets start with saying that this was my best weekend in Uganda so far. Our weekend began at the head office where me and Elise met up with Aidah, Sharon and Joseline at 3pm. This was the team that was going to spend the weekend with the children. We traveled to the high school first where we were going to have activities with them. We bought popcorn on the way to the school to have some snacks for the students to enjoy.

The students had prepared a program for us to do together and we had prepared a small quiz for them to do. The program they had planned included dance battles, riddles, dance performances and much more. So even though they night didn’t start as we thought it would, it ended great and I was so happy that night when we went to bed for the time I had got together with the high schools students before they leave for holidays and we leave for Sweden.

We slept at the Junior School and I woke up early and started my morning by following the children to fetch water at the borehole. It’s a 10 min walk from the school; this gave me energy and quality time with the children; and this gave me the opportunity to see what they have to do to get water if the there was no rain for quite a while. But for them it was like nothing, just something that needed to be done, no complaining at all. Just do what you got to do.

After that we had porridge for breakfast which I have been starting to like in some weird way. But the day’s main focus was the Christmas party, finally it was here. So, the rest of the day we helped prepare decorations, blow balloons with the kids, watch the presentations in the church, hand out Christmas gifts and just mingle with everyone we could talk to.

The Christmas party was successful in the way that we even had it. The day ended with the interns saying goodbye to the high school students, which was sad for me. It felt like we were getting closer to them now towards the end. But with plans of coming back I am not that worried. We will meet again. When the high school students left, we had a bonfire with the pupils at the Junior School. We gave them some snacks and just had some music, dancing and a good time before we went to bed.

The Sunday was dedicated from my part to playing with the kids. I was a part of the Sunday service but that was only for a short while. Most of the day I played games with the young kids and I tried to teach Benard, one of the students to play the game of chess. This was fun and I had bought a chessboard that I left at the junior school for them to practice so they can beat me when I visit next time.

All in all, as I said in the beginning, this was the best weekend here in Uganda. I am very happy for my school back home that gave me the opportunity to come to Uganda for my internship and I am also happy for and grateful to Wells of Hope, all staff members at head office, they have been so kind and helpful to us. The staff at the schools, always welcoming when we have come for counselling and all the other activities, and last but not least the children. During this time here I have received so much joy from them; they have been attentive in the counselling sessions and it really felt like they have enjoyed our time here. Soon we are going back to cold rainy Sweden and that will be so sad. I will miss everyone at Wells of Hope. But I will come back to visit, that’s for sure. Because this time here is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thank you.

Complied by Eric Jansson, intern at Wells of Hope.  

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