A Chilly But Warm Christmas Day

In the movies Christmas has always been known and seen to be cold and snowy and often times I say to myself “I need a snow experience” to know how it actually feels to have cold, snowy but at the same time warm Christmas.

On Saturday 30th November 2019 I got a close to that experience at Wells of Hope Junior School. Everything was as planned, the tents were up in the compound with the team and children blowing balloons; the church well decorated, the Christmas tree shinning beautifully in one corner, nice music playing and obviously the pans turning in the kitchen, the mood was that of excitement and great expectation and then the downpour started; our photo booth unfortunately could not stand the strong winds; the bouncing castle came down, some balloons burst and the school premises were very wet and it became very cold.

Despite this, the main hall was warm; this did not stop children from enjoying the day.

We had the Christmas production going on led by Pastor Mark which included a lot of things like Christmas carols, a skit by the children that talked about the real meaning of Christmas. We sang and worshiped as we remembered Christ’s birth.

Dances and presentations started thereafter; this made us even warmer and it was at this point that Father Christmas (Santa) walked in with sweets and snacks which he shared with the children; the children’s faces were beaming with smiles.

Our lovely meal was served along with the children’s favorites; sodas, pineapples and watermelons. The children’s aunties and uncles from Kanzu Code joyfully washed the serving and did the plates.

This time around, 9 children graduated from kindergarten to primary. The graduands were happily cheered as they made their way to where their friends were.

Soon it was time to cut cake. The children really love cake; I could see smiles and anticipation as they could not wait to pick a piece.

One of my main highlights was the wide smiles on the children’s faces every child received a gift; this warmed my heart. I saw Angel looking at her dress admirably and I knew that the purchasing and wrapping team (which I was a part of) performed a great task; it was not in vain.

Eric Jansson and Elise handing over gifts to children

This year’s party was cold and yet a warm Christmas!

Jacqueline (C) sharing a picture with Sharon (L) and Mary (R), a student

We thank God for providing for the party through our friends and partners; God bless you abundantly.

Written By:

Jacqueline Nakinda

Finance/ Admin Assistant

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