A Loving Family For Every Child

Catherine Lafler (extreme right) and Adey Dereje (3rd right) sharing a photo with social workers on November 25th

When a parent is incarcerated, the family suffers a lot, especially the children. Without the protection of their parent they become more vulnerable to issues like poverty, stigma, grief due to separation, child labor, early marriages, among others. In some cases, these children end up on the streets; homeless with no one to care for them and nothing to eat.

From November 25th, Wells of Hope officially launched our Family Based Care program, which is intended to help children to grow up in families. As a way of preparing the WOH Team, a workshop on the Foundations of Family Based Care was held from November 25th to 28th at Namirembe Guest House. The workshop was facilitated by Sebilu Bodja,  Catherine Lafler and Adey Dereje all who are friends from Bethany Christian Services Global an International Child Welfare Organization. Among the participants included: pastors and social workers. Among the topics shared included: Child Rights, Child Development, Ethics in Social Work, Assessment and Communication Skills.

During the Child Rights session, the participants shared children’s rights and what stood out most were love and care; “Much as a child’s physical needs are important, their social needs are important as well,” Catherine said. She defined attachment as the emotional connection of a child with their caregiver, which is critical for child development and self-actualization.  

During the workshop, Catherine and Adey shared how trauma affects child development; and how it can be solved through healing caregiving, connecting, empowering and correction.

The social workers were also equipped with more skills of how to relate better with their clients with children’s best interests in mind. 

Sebilu shared with the pastors/religious leaders the spiritual foundations of family based care and how to care for orphans as a church. He said that churches have a role in placing children in families; “Raising a child starts with the choices we make. The church needs to equip families; and families will be in a better position to raise children,” Sebilu said. He added by urging the participants to develop structures to successfully raise and protect children.

Sebilu Bodja (5th left) and Francis Ssuubi (7th left) sharing a photo with the religious leaders on November 25th

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