“….through the annual visits at school, I was reunited with my dad”

Children need the loving support of their parents; even apparent behind bars. Children want to know they’re not forgotten because they haven’t forgotten their parents. Prison visits are one of the key activities at Wells of Hope; not only are families reunited, but they also enhance family bonding.

We are glad to report that on October 29th, 74 children visited their parents in 6 prisons namely; Upper prison Luzira, Women prison Luzira, Jinja prison, Kitalya prison, Murchison bay and Nakasongola prison. This was the last visit for this year, before the long Christmas break. The excitement shown by the children was inexplicable!!!

Upon arrival at the prisons, the parents were as eager as the children to meet again. The parents and the children happily interacted. The parents expressed their delight as they attentively listened to their children who joyfully shared about what had transpired during the holidays and the school term. Later, the parents shared a lovely meal, which they had prepared with their children.

During the visit, the teachers, who had accompanied the children engaged the parents in a one-on-one parent-teacher meeting where they updated the parents about their children’s academic and social progress. The parents were thrilled to see their children greatly improving in their studies; some carried their children and others exchanged hugs with them. The parents also encouraged their children to treasure their studies, respect their elders and above all, to always seek God for knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

“After my dad was imprisoned, it’s only our uncle who could visit him because my relatives couldn’t afford to transport me and my siblings to visit. But through the annual visits at school, I was reunited with my dad,” testified Joshua 17 years. He joined Wells of Hope in 2010.

Wells of Hope is extremely grateful to Grace Fellowship Duarte for facilitating all the children’s prison visits this year.

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