Residents At The Home.

During the month of September, the home received 3 residents; 2 from Luzira Women prison and 1 from Kasangati Prison. Before proceeding with orientation for the ladies to become familiar with the safe home, a special prayer is conducted to warmly welcome them at the home. With time when the ladies get familiar with the activities and rules at the home, we conduct a mid-week evaluation meeting with them to know how they are progressing while at the home, how far they have gone with their targets, get to know their highs and lows, and find a way forward on how to address and progress while at the home. The mid-week evaluation meeting helps the staff and the women to know their weakest points and work on them, then progress highly with the pros. Of the three women, two of the women from Kigo prison have since moved back to reunite with their families, one of which has been successful while the other is yet to be settled. One of the ladies having been in jail for nine years found that her children had been handed over to the police station on grounds that she had neglected them and were becoming unbearable for the then caretaker whom she had last communicated with in 2017.

Fortunately, before going back to the community we linked her up with the district probation officer to help her resettle and was helped to identify the foster families that the children were taken to. She has since located her children and still unsure of where she will finally settle.

The other resident who is still at the home has since found a job in the city centre where she was previously working and is still staying at the home a few more weeks as she saves up enough money to afford her rent for her own house.

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