Formerly Incarcerated Women Association

The association that now constitutes of 9 women who were all at one point in time incarcerated meets every month. On August 13th, through their SACCO; FIWA, the women resolved that instead of having money kept for later purposes when they can hardly raise the monthly contribution, they would rather do cash rounds where by one of them goes away with the money that is collected on a monthly basis to invest it in an activity that will see it multiplying with time. It is also a loan scheme that one has a debt to pay monthly since the money has to be taken by someone else. With this, they suggested that it would be good if members are often visited to establish how they are sustaining themselves and their families, offer advice where necessary and support the ladies in the activities they are engrossed in.

Under the same association, the women have been encouraged to bring some of their crafts to be displayed at the home to attract market especially from the friends and visitors of the home that come by.

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