Wells of Hope in Action: Elma Community Grants Program

Accelerator Program 2018-2019 (Cohort 2)

1st-5th July 2019 in cape town, south africa

Mrs. Ssuubi in training with her colleagues.

We are so grateful to Elma Philanthropies for the opportunity provided to Wells of Hope Ministries. Our Executive Director, Ellen Ssuubi, joined her colleagues, directors of Elma Community Grants Program (ECGP) Accelerator Program grantees, on their two-year capacity building and organizational strengthening. This marked the third session, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The Directors were taken through training on three areas identified as needing to be strengthened in their respective organizations. These topics included: “Resource Mobilization/Fundraising,” facilitated by Ms. Kristin O’Sullivan (ELMA), “Technology for Your Organization,” by Mr. Arnold Ndifhedzo Netshambidi (Phambano Technology Development Centre), “Monitoring and Evaluation,” by Ms. Ruth Mapara (ELMA) and “Succession Plan,” by Ms. Bernadette Moffat (ELMA).

“I’m so grateful to Elma,” exclaims Mrs. Ssuubi, “for the great support rendered to our community led organizations. They are not only supporting us financially, but they have elevated and appreciated the leaders of these organizations, helping us appreciate and value ourselves beyond the services we are providing for our beneficiaries.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Ssuubi was exposed to new learning practices with and from her fellow leaders. During their reflection on the Neuro Linguistic Program, she shared on how much she has learned the importance of effective communication in Wells of Hope’s service delivery. She has been able to pass these skills on to her team. Mrs. Ssuubi reflects, “I have been able to fast-track my leadership growth because of these sessions. Sharing our experiences as leaders has taught me quite remarkable lessons in streamlining and improving and strengthening our systems as an organization.”

Additionally, she visited Breede Valley Association for Persons with Disabilities in Worcester, Cape Town. She considers this a breath-taking experience where she got to appreciate the different purposes each community led organization serves. Breede Valley, as Mrs. Ssuubi recalls, “has and is transforming lives of children into youth and adults who are well cared for and given hope in life despite their different conditions.” She enjoyed seeing the youths and adults doing jobs that a well capacitated person can do – and doing it much better. They completed these tasks, such as laundry and dry-cleaning, to both give back to the community and earn some money. Mrs. Ssuubi found this quite exhilarating.

“I feel encouraged that we can all make a difference – in our different organizations – thanks to ELMA!”

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