Kanzu Code at Wells of Hope

Saturday 6th July 2019 found us having a wonderful day at Wells of Hope Schools with 14 members from Kanzu Code who were there to visit the children. The day started at Wells of Hope High School with the Kanzu Code team arriving at 11:30 am. They were welcomed to the school with a dance performed by the students, were briefed about the High School by the Head Teacher in the Head Teacher’s Office and were later taken on a short tour around the school. During the tour, they were able to see the computers they had donated to the laboratory. The team from Kanzu Code later met with the students, had interactions with them and listened to their testimonies. Peter Kakoma, who was the leader of the team, later did a power point presentation on websites with the students. This was very inspiring, especially for the students to have interests in IT related careers. Time was not our best ally, so Peter hopes to prepare better and come with more material to facilitate a more engaging computer and career guidance session. The short visit was crowned with an interesting dance off that involved everyone laughing merrily and everyone showing off their talent.

At 1pm, we headed to Wells of Hope Junior School where we were welcomed with a beautiful dance from the East. The children were smart in their attire! The team was briefed about the junior school and thanked for their donation towards the printer that has been of such great help ever since it was brought. It was time for lunch, and the team from Kanzu Code helped in serving the children and maintaining the line. It was such a wonderful moment hearing the team reminiscing of their days back in school. They later served the scrumptious Posho and beans. It was great that they enjoyed the meal!

Children at the Junior School being served.
Communications/IT Officer Lucy and members from the Kanzu Code team serving food.

 After lunch, we had a praise and worship session with the children. They presented a poem “rejection” which had our visitors clapping loudly at the end of the presentation.

We later had a tour around all the sections of the school. The team from Kanzu Code was fascinated by the pigs in the farm section because they are big and clean, and they especially loved the one that had given birth the previous day.

Finance Officer Joan with some members of the Kanzu Code team.

We went to the dormitories and later to the class rooms. The members from Kanzu Code had a brief moment at the play field with some of the children and helped push the children in the swings.

A member from Kanzu Code pushing a Junior School pupil in a swing.

Ann, a member from Kanzu Code, said “it such a great work we are doing here at wells of Hope” and said she wished they had more time to engage the children in some games. We later took them to the wall of appreciation where they saw the names of various people that have supported Wells of Hope.

The team from Kanzu Code!

The children prepared a traditional Kiganda dance to crown the day. Some members from Kanzu Code joined in and shared in the light moment! Finally, Peter Kakoma gave a word of encouragement to the children. The team handed over donations that they had brought that included clothes and stationary before we took a group photo.

It was such a wonderful day that included of many light moments shared by both the students and the team from Kanzu Code. They hope to come another time and do more activities with the children because they loved them deeply but were limited because of time.

On behalf of the team at wells of Hope, I thank the team from Kanzu code for coming to spend a day with us. It was truly memorable to have you all around, to see your compassion towards children that have a parent in prison and for your continued support especially regarding the computers to the schools that have made a difference. Indeed, we saw Love in Action that day through each one of you.

We look forward to seeing you again and hopefully be able to play tag with you all!

Written by Joan Ninsiima, Finance/M&E Officer

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