Give Thanks to the Lord, He’s God and King

After the long wait, I was finally able to get on board with the rest of the team heading to Wells of Hope Junior School for the Thanksgiving Service organized by the Head of Discipleship, Pastor Mark.

We arrived safely, and we were a team of 5. The smartly dressed children sang so beautifully and were led by Mercy Mugoya. The first song encouraged us not to worship idols. Soon after the presentation, Brian from Wells of Hope High School (WOHHS) took us through the program and promised that some students from WOHHS were also coming to attend the service. They were going to make some presentations, which really excited me as I looked forward to interacting with them also.

“God loves a cheerful giver,” Michael our first preacher emphasized, we read from 2Corinthians 9:7-8. We learnt that whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly.

Pastor Mark also taught from the book of 1 kings 3:3- 9, and Psalm 50:23. We got to learn that God is honored and also pleased when we bring sacrifices at his altar as he accepts and blesses us; we also find favor in his eyes and the eyes of men. Pr Mark said that we can thank God with songs of praise, shouts and worship, music and instruments and with our offerings. 1 Thessalonians 5:18, was the memory verse, and we all recited it together with the children.

After the hearty sermon, my heart was ready to give and I believe it was the same for the rest of the congregation. We went with our offerings while singing praises and with thankful hearts. The Pastor prayed for our offerings and, indeed, I felt blessed.

Soon after, we had the presentations form the High School that included mostly dancing. My best moment was when we had staff dancing along with the children.

Shortly after, the children joined by the staff offered thanks to God for all Wells of Hope friends, sponsors and partners. They continued to thank God for the construction of the administration block which is progressing.

We thank God for all our sponsors that have faithfully given to a child with a parent in prison month after month. The whole team at Wells of Hope has you at heart and a special prayer was made for all of you at our wall of appreciation.

We later enjoyed a great meal with the children. We thank God, our provider!

Written by Jacqueline Nakinda, Administration Officer

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